Why baby and child first aid is so important during a pandemic.

In an effort to halt the spread of the Coronavirus, the UK government put the country into lockdown and requested all non-essential journeys outside the home be stopped. Although these measures have been eased, with most children off school and spending more time indoors it’s now more important than ever that parents are aware of the first aid skills they need to keep them safe.

The dangers of home

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of accidents and injuries take place in a domestic setting. However safe parents can try to make the home environment children and toddlers can still manage to hurt themselves. Spending more time in the home and possibly looking for ‘adventure’ to stave off boredom, few families will escape the months of lockdown without some sort of incident, large or small.

From little upsets like bumping their heads during play to more serious incidents such as pulling furniture on top of themselves, children will always suffer minor and major injuries in the home. But what can you do when an injury requires immediate attention prior to seeking professional help.

The importance of paediatric first aid

First aid is one of the most vital skills any parent can learn. Knowing how to treat burns and first aid for things like a concussion, choking or bleeding are all important. When they’re at school, children have the protection of those who will have taken a formal qualification in first aid training but at home they have to rely on mum, dad or their carer.

Although many parents will have undertaken first aid training others will not have considered it until now. While classes and workshops are not an option as we’re encouraged to socially distance ourselves, a prolonged period of home isolation may have focused many minds when the restrictions are lifted.

What can you do?

While children and parents are all stuck at home, there are online tutorials which can furnish you with the basics of child first aid. The most proactive step you can take now, however, is planning for the future. Expert First Aid provides Baby and Child First Aid classes designed to help you master this vital skill and develop the confidence to use the skills learnt when needed. Once the lockdown has fully ended children will still need first aid from their parents, so now is still a good time to look into a professional course. 

Due to the ongoing social distancing requirements. Expert First Aid are offering baby and child first aid classes either in person with social distancing rules fully observed or we are happy to do interactive classes online and send you manuals in the post in advance so that any you can bring any questions you may have to the session to be answered. 

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